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Karas Myr


    Karas Myr lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his wife Nyera, their daughters and their pets. He works in the field of Information Technology and has a very colorful background, including more than 27 years of active magickal study and practice in several esoteric arts.

    While serving in the United States Army, Karas was stationed at Fort Lewis, Washington. He fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, which is where he first explored the Craft as a way of life. In 1989 he met Lady Fran Culter, who ran a metaphysical store named the "Magical Garden" in Tacoma Washington. He and Lady Fran became good friends and she introduced him to the local pagan community.

    After meeting a wide range of wonderful people, Karas began studying with Nemed Cuculatii in Seattle.

    The training he received there was legendary and he learned and grew both as a witch and a person. Moondancer and Lady Raven instilled in his heart a deep and profound love of the old gods. They both remain his good friends and hold a very dear place in his heart. The United States Army became his focus during the Gulf War, however, and Karas was forced to leave the coven.

    During this period of time, Karas also studied with his friend Herne, who introduced him to British Traditional Witchcraft. Karas enjoyed his time with Herne very much until Herne moved to the East Coast, and the distance caused the two of them to lose touch for many years.
    On his own for a bit, Karas explored many different paths, but the calling of the Craft was not to be denied. Karas went back to his roots and started studying under the wisdom and knowledge of Lady Fran Culter. A great bond developed between Karas and Lady Fran over the years as he diligently studied under her, travelled with her, and ran study groups with her.
    After deciding to move back to Pennsylvania in order to provide a true family environment for his daughter, Karas followed a solitary path for many years, although he continued his studies with Lady Fran and formed a small group with some of his friends.
    In December 2005 Karas was honored to be invited to join Black Forest Clan Circle and Seminary. In October 2010 he completed the Black Forest Clergy Training Program and was initiated to the 3rd degree at the Hearthstone in Silver Ravenwolf's home. While in Black Forest Clan, however, a series of events occurred that forever changed Karas' life.
    On the 8th of January, 2010, Moondancer notified Karas that Lady Fran had passed beyond the veil, leaving behind a legacy of light, love, and magick. Saddened by the loss of his teacher and friend, Karas Myr decided to honor her memory by preserving her work and knowledge by teaching it to others. To that end he began the arduous, tedious, and time-consuming process of committing to paper her entire oral tradition of witchcraft.
    While attempting to document Lady Fran's teachings, Karas realized that he did not have the expertise necessary to do so. Lady Fran was a high ranking member of the Ordo Templi Orientis, a Santera Priestess in Ocha and a Palera Priestess in Palo Mayombe. He realized that he would need to study those sciences as well as traditional Yoruban Ifa in order to completely understand and document the concepts behind her lore. Therefore in 2012 he left the Black Forest Tradition to further his studies in those areas.
    Free from restriction, Karas sought the permission of the Culter family to formally start the Culterian Tradition of Witchcraft. He contacted Lady Fran's grandaughter, Lady Sharon James, and together the two of them agreed to kindle the fires of the Culterian Tradition of Witchcraft. Additionally, Lady Fran's son, Michael, was contacted by Lady Sharon James and his lore in the healing arts and magick are being added to the Tradition as well. All Culterian students are required to study Reiki, due to its importance to both Lady Fran and Michael, who is an accomplished and respected teacher of Reiki and the Craft in the Pacific Northwest.
   Presently, the documentation of Lady Fran's Lore continues as do Karas' studies. As of May 2016, Karas is not only a High Priest of Palo Mayombe, but also has several initiations in traditional Yoruban Ifa, and is about to begin his journey in Ocha by receiving his Elekis and Warriors.
    Additionally, through the wonders of Facebook, Karas has been reunited with his friend Herne, now a Gardnerian Elder, and has joined his coven where he actively studies under the guidance of both Herne and Lady Morgan, his High Priestess. Gardnerian Craft has hit a resonating cord within Karas and he is focusing on it deeply, splitting his time equally between Gardnerian Craft and all of his other studies.

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